Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Initial notes- end of June

It was quite a surprise to see that folks on Soc.genealogy.medieval were taking notice of some our early work with semantic media wiki features. Although the work up to this point is still at a pre-alpha stage, I was impressed at how close a look some took of the features.

Some of the observations were a bit like a someone sampling the grapes harvested from the vineyards and protesting that it was not wine. Yes, quite. There are not yet any elegant vintages of genealogy wikis on the net. Good wine takes time, but collaboration at wikia is a winning formula where different wikis can profit from shared improvements to the UI. Besides the new WYSIWYG editor, next week we shall be launching personal blogs at Familypedia.

The above mentioned mail list menationed a neat wiki covering Italian families. I'm thinking that since this is GFDL, it might be excellent seed material for the italian set of articles at Familypedia.

More to come...


  1. The folks on soc.genealogy.medieval had, you realise, been ensnared by an opportunist marketer, who had mistakenly believed that the semantic forms were readily usable by all visitors. Regrettably perhaps, the very first such invitee failed to follow some fairly clear invitations (to write a biography and to "Show" family info boxes), and offered as his or her complaints about the site the fact that he or she had not found what he or she had been invited to find or create.

    Good luck!

  2. Much progress in the last 20 months. Over 88,000 "articles" (in the technical wiki sense), which include some of the old-style "info pages" but thousands more of the new pages that have been created using Semantic Forms. Automatically-generated descendant tables. Similarly automatic ancestry charts until the host gave us a new version of Semantic Forms without telling us how to adjust our forms. The Main Page shows lists of Familypedia people whose birth, first marriage, or death occurred on the current day of the year. All sorts of goodies for genealogists!

  3. Similarly automatic ancestry charts until the host gave us a new version of javascripts, html5 (visual and sound effects) elements and everything is seo friendly http://webseosites.eu