Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Initial notes- end of June

It was quite a surprise to see that folks on Soc.genealogy.medieval were taking notice of some our early work with semantic media wiki features. Although the work up to this point is still at a pre-alpha stage, I was impressed at how close a look some took of the features.

Some of the observations were a bit like a someone sampling the grapes harvested from the vineyards and protesting that it was not wine. Yes, quite. There are not yet any elegant vintages of genealogy wikis on the net. Good wine takes time, but collaboration at wikia is a winning formula where different wikis can profit from shared improvements to the UI. Besides the new WYSIWYG editor, next week we shall be launching personal blogs at Familypedia.

The above mentioned mail list menationed a neat wiki covering Italian families. I'm thinking that since this is GFDL, it might be excellent seed material for the italian set of articles at Familypedia.

More to come...